Wednesday, June 18, 2014

In Case You Have Forgotten About The Hillary Clinton Scandals...

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Hillary Clinton has written a book that has flopped, resorting to book signing, having a Town Hall Meeting on CNN and even resorting to have to go on Fox News, all to promote her run for president in 2016.
But lest we forget some of the many Hillary scandals.
From Now The End Begins:
Health-Care Gate: In 1997, federal judge Royce Lamberth levied $286,000 in sanctions against Bill Clinton’s administration for “running amok” in a “cover-up” of Hillary Clinton’s health-care task force. The scandal began when deputy White House counsel Vincent Foster made contradictory assertions about the first lady’s job status, in an attempt to keep the work of the task force secret...
Filegate: The confidential FBI files of up to 900 former Reagan and Bush appointees were sent over to White House security chief Craig Livingstone. Deputy White House counsel William Kennedy, a close friend of Hillary Clinton’s from their days at the Rose Law Firm, would frequently call up the FBI and have someone’s files sent over on his say-so. Then–FBI director Louis Freeh called it “an egregious violation of privacy.” ...
Cattle-Futures Gate: Hillary Clinton came under scrutiny when, during her tenure as first lady of Arkansas, she managed to turn a $1,000 investment in cattle futures into a profit of nearly $100,000 in only nine months. She claimed she had learned how to trade by reading the Wall Street Journal. Her broker had earlier been suspended from trading for a year after he was charged with manipulating the egg-futures market....
Travelgate: In May 1993, Hillary Clinton wrote an infamous note demanding action to “get our people” into the White House Travel Office. Billy Dale, its director, and six of his employees were quickly fired on the basis of rumors that they had engaged in criminal conduct; the rumors were cooked up in part by a 25-year-old cousin of Bill Clinton’s who wound up running the travel office....
Whitewater Gate: The tangled web of Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Whitewater real-estate dealings in Arkansas prompted Attorney General Janet Reno to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate. Jim McDougal, a Clinton business partner who went to jail over Whitewater, famously described the Clintons as “sort of like tornadoes moving through people’s lives.”...
Billing-Records Gate: The records of Hillary Clinton’s clients at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas were subpoenaed for years by investigators looking into Whitewater. They were finally discovered on a coffee table in the private quarters of the White House. No one ever explained how they got there.
And the list goes on and on and on.
The only qualification president Clinton supporters say she has is that she is a woman.
Like Obama, she never owned a business, never supervised employees, just worked at 1 job in the private sector- a lawyer for the Rose law firm, in which her work there resulted in scandal and she is a radical liberal.
She has worked in government for many years, was a Senator in a state she did not live in because she could not be elected in her home state of Arkansas.
And we haven't even talked about Bill's scandals... yet
But yet, she thinks she can be a good president.


  1. There's some moldy oldies! I doubt dredging up any of that is going to do any good, Dan. America was bored with it when it HAPPENED. Most of it came to nothing.

  2. Spoken like a true cultist.

  3. Of course that is the liberal thing to do, except when it comes to George Bush. You still blame him for the troubles today.

  4. Well, good grief, Dan! You've got to blame Bush for stuff that Bush did! The Iraq War for example. And--if you're upset we pulled out--for setting the timetable for withdrawal as well!

  5. As was pointed out here earlier, Obama didn't have any problem taking credit for ending the Iraq War.

    But then for brain dead cultists like Jimby Greenlee, he'll lack the personal integrity and ethics to respond. Gutless puke.