Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I Agree With Cheney

This isn't far fetched.
From the New York Daily News: Dick Cheney's gone nuclear.
The former vice president offered a prediction that the U.S. will face a deadly terrorist attack within a decade — and a nuclear weapon could be used.
“I think there will be another attack, and next time, I think it’s likely to be far deadlier than the last one,” he said on the Hugh Hewitt radio show Tuesday
“Imagine what would happen if somebody could smuggle a nuclear device, put it in a shipping container and drive it down the Beltway outside Washington, D.C.,” Cheney added.
The gloomy Gus also speculated with Hewitt about life in the U.S. under martial law, which he said would likely be imposed in the event of another attack similar to 9/11.
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We have seen several terrorist attacks in the past several years during the Obama administration.
But I won't blame Obama or the current president if a major terrorist attack happens.  Sometimes, things happen and there is nothing you can do.

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  1. I respect that, Dan. I'm unsure if it will be the prevailing attitude in the event of a big attack though. I hope so.

    After 9/11, Bush was given a lot of support, and a wide berth for a long, long time. You know, of course, that I think he squandered the national unity, and made really bad decisions thereafter. But I wonder if Obama, or future presidents of either party will get that kind of somber "honeymoon" around a big, awful attack. I'm not so sure.