Wednesday, June 18, 2014

This Isn't Even The Worst Case Of Abuse At CCSD

From the LVRJ: A former Clark County teacher’s aide accused of aggressively handling two special needs students in the classroom is expected to plead guilty to child neglect charges, a prosecutor said.
Lachelle James, who was arrested in March 2012 on five counts of child abuse and one count of battery, waived her right to a preliminary hearing Monday, according to court records.
Clark County prosecutor Lindsey Moors said James, also known as Lachelle or Michelle McCraney, agreed to plead guilty to two counts of child neglect at a June 30 hearing.
Clark County School District detectives used hidden cameras at Variety School to monitor James in a classroom after hearing allegations of abuse against children who were “non-verbal.”
She was seen on video dragging one boy, who is autistic, to the center of the room, pinning him to the ground with her knee in his back and elbow in his face, district officials said. She then shoved another boy in the back and pinned him against cabinets, according to a report from the district. 
James told police the first student had attacked her.
While this can be bad, but considering who is an administrator at Variety, some of this could have been made up and falsified by the assistant principal.
And if you think this is bad, consider this:
At the teacher I school I used to teach at, a teacher refused to feed several severely disabled breakfast and toilet a student who wears diapers.  So, a student is wearing a wet diaper for about 5 hours and the kids go with out food from the night before until 12 noon.
Then the same teacher loses a severely mentally disabled student who ended up crossing a major city street, almost hit by a car and then was about to cross another major city street before he was found.
Then the next week the same teacher lost the same student in a warehouse for many minutes and the kid almost got hit by a fork lift.
Another teacher forgot to put a severely disabled student on the school bus home.  The student was found over an hour later and the student claimed that she may have been sexually assaulted.
These cases were covered up by the administration and the teachers are welcomed back for the next school year with open arms by CCSD.
This is the world of CCSD.

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