Saturday, June 14, 2014

This Is What They Are Worried About In ObamaVille/Chicago

Instead of caring about the shootings and violence in ObamaVille/Chicago, apparently this is what the mayor of Chicago, Obamaite, Rahm Emmanuel cares about.
From the Chicago Sun Times: New York City real estate mogul Donald Trump made the rounds of the morning network talk shows Friday to defend his decision to brand his 96-story skyscraper along the Chicago River with a massive sign bearing his name as Mayor Rahm Emanuel all but acknowledged there's nothing he can do about it.
One day after Emanuel called the TRUMP sign “tasteless," Trump said the sign was “fully approved” by City Hall and that the majority of Chicagoans support it.
“Everybody loves it. We have people who just love it,” Trump said on NBC’s “Today Show.
“We’re getting phone calls literally by the hundreds and thousands — including tweets on Twitter.”
On the morning talk show on CBS, Trump took a thinly-veiled shot at Emanuel — to whom the developer made a $50,000 campaign contribution in 2010 — for even worrying about a sign his administration approved.
“I just think that Chicago has other problems that they should be worried about — not a sign,” Trump said, apparently referring to crime, education and the city’s $20 billion pension crisis.
Hours later, Emanuel all but acknowledged that there was nothing he could do to force Trump to take the sign down or even shrink it. The mayor said his focus is on preventing signs like it from popping up along the Chicago River.
"I want to make sure, on a future basis, that we have the planning, development and all of the ordinances in a way that reflect the city's beautiful architecture. And if we have to tighten that up, I've asked my staff to look at it so a situation like this doesn't emerge in the future," the mayor said.
In Las Vegas, we have the Trump Hotel and Trump has his name on at least 2 sides of the building and perhaps all 4 sides.  We deal with it.
And Emmanuel is worried about a sign that is almost 1000 feet in the air?
I guess we know where Emmanuel's priorities are.

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