Wednesday, June 18, 2014


From the NY Daily News:
Kim Brockhurst didn't even want size DD breasts.
Her original plan was to go up two cup sizes, but she "ended up with these big, heavy breasts - much bigger than I'd asked for," she told the Mirror.
But that's not the only mistake her surgeon made. Nine years later, her girls just didn't look right.
"My breasts slowly went out of shape - it was a terrible time," she told the Mirror.
And nothing could prepare her for what happened next: Brockhurst's nearly $7,000 implants burst inside her body, leaking industrial-strength silicon into her.
Brockhurst, 51-year-old a fitness instructor from Wales, had to have reconstructive surgery to fix the faulty Poly Implant Prothèse, or PIP, implants, which were medically unauthorized.
PIP went into liquidation in 2010 after its products were recalled. The company had been using silicone intended for mattresses. About 400,000 women worldwide were affected by defective implants.
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PIP also means Planted Implants go Poof
But I don't feel sorry for her as he is getting a reality TV show about her, named Exploding Boobies.

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