Sunday, June 29, 2014

Gays Cancel Cub's Game

Well, at least the Cubbies won't lose on Sunday.
From the Chicago Tribune:
The Cubs will enjoy a rare off day on Sunday.
Very rare.
For the first time in 82 years there is no game scheduled for the Cubs on a Sunday.
"That's unheard of. We already have some family plans for that day. Maybe this can become a regular thing," Cubs president Theo Epstein said jokingly. "Let's play two — Ernie (Banks) style Saturday and enjoy a nice day of rest Sunday. But, no, it will be interesting."
It was announced in February the Cubs would play a split doubleheader on Saturday and be off Sunday. The move was made in consideration of the city's concern over neighborhood traffic with Sunday's annual Pride Parade in Wrigleyville.
The last time the Cubs did not have a scheduled game on a Sunday was June 19, 1932. That year, the Cubs and Giants played a doubleheader on Saturday, June 18, and then had Sunday off before playing in Philadelphia on Monday.,0,4071904.story
Chicago is a huge city, area wise, especially if you include the suburbs, and the gays could not find a different place to hold their parade?  Or hold it on another day?
Seems like the gays and LBGT wanted to do as much disruption as much as possible.

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