Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Week That Began With Evil And Ends With Heroes

Police Officer Igor Soldo | Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada
Police Officer Alyn Beck | Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, Nevada

One week ago, 2 evil people took the lives of 3 heroes: Police Officers Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo and bystander Joseph Wilcox.
Soldo and Beck were killed in cold blood and Wilcox probably stopped other people from being harmed because he threw off the evil devils off their plans.
But in that time, evil was replaced with heroes.  People have come together and have donated money, food and services to the police officer's families and Wilcox.  Strip performer,Terry Fator, donated about $5000 to each family.  People have donated close to $20,000 to the Wilcox family.
Many businesses have donated their profits to a injured/killed police officer fund.
People have made a makeshift memorial in front of Cici's and Wal-Mart, though we have not been able to see the Wal-Mart tribute because they don't allow news crews on their property.
However, there have been awkward moments.
At the Soldo funeral, candidate for Sheriff gave a very awkward speech in which it was clear he did not know Soldo and really didn't have much to say.  He was even mentioned in the Soldo's obituary because Soldo supported him to be the new sheriff.  A funeral should not be the forum for political speeches.  Burns should have thanked the Soldo family for their support and then shut up.  I was not sure who to support for sheriff up until this week, but it became clear that Larry Burns is not a candidate who anybody should support.
The other poor moment was this morning when Channel 13 said that the procession from the cemetery to the Smith Center for Officer Beck would start at 8:45 from the cemetery.
Well, it started well before then and our family took a long and unnecessary trip to downtown Las Vegas because of the bad information Channel 13 gave us.  You suck, Channel 13, because other people also came down expecting to see the procession based on your information and they missed it as well.

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