Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sandoval (AKA Gov. RINO), The New Obama?

Even though the governor of Nevada is a Republican, I am not a fan of his because he is more of a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and this article shows why he is more aligned with Obama than conservatives.
From the Las Vegas Sun:
Gov. Brian Sandoval’s office was warned of serious flaws in the software that runs Nevada’s health exchange in the weeks before its Oct. 1 launch, according to an internal report.
The report by Public Consulting Group of Las Vegas said that when the Silver State Exchange’s website went live, it did so “with (known) missing functionality, undefined business processes and incomplete testing.”
The report highlights a culture of poor communication between software contactor Xerox and the state and other contractors. Public Consulting Group, hired to verify the quality of Xerox’s work, couldn’t get access to critical information in the weeks before the website’s launch. The company reported its audits were “constrained by the lack of visibility” because Xerox had to focus on “critical project concerns.”
The report also said that just before the website launch, “most critical milestones were not met and project delays occurred.”
The state made the October report public on its website. The Las Vegas Sun followed up on the report after the exchange ran into serious problems this year and the state fired Xerox in May.
State leaders acknowledge the exchange faced serious challenges but said they were trying to finish a massive software project on a tight timeline under considerable political pressure.
Sandoval could have said no to ObamaCare, like what many Republican governors did.
Instead, he embraced it, increased Medicare, which we will be paying for in years to come, and gave the State a horrible web site for ObamaCare.
To bad the Democrats are just plain stupid and didn't run a credible candidate for governor because if they did, they would have had a good chance of beating Sandoval, especially if they ran a conservative Democrat, like a Steve Sisolak.

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