Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's Nice The EDC Is In Las Vegas But...

The Electric Daisy Carnival is here in Las Vegas this weekend and it is great for the Las Vegas economy.
The EDC is like the electronic music version of Woodstock of the 60's, but probably cleaner and less rowdy.
Each night, Friday thru Sunday, over 140,000 people will go to the Las Vegas Motorway Speedway (about 50,000 more than a NASCAR race)
However, in almost every newscast I have seen the past several days, the TV anchors and reporters are trying to act cool and try to dance or do fist pumps during their newscast.
It's a little strange for an anchor to dance because of the EDC story and in the next story, they report on a murder or car accident that killed someone.  It makes a mockery of the news.
Come on TV people, show a little respect for your craft?

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