Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Another Reason To Support Voter ID

With November elections coming up in a few months, it is important for states to implement Voter ID.
From jsonline, Milwaukee:
A Shorewood man has been charged with more than a dozen counts of illegal voting, accused of casting multiple ballots in four elections in 2011 and 2012, including five in the 2012 gubernatorial recall.
Robert D. Monroe, 50, used addresses in Shorewood, Milwaukee and Indiana, according to the complaint, and cast some votes in the names of his son and his girlfriend's son.
According to the complaint:
Monroe cast two ballots in the April 2011 Supreme Court election, two in the August 2011 Alberta Darling recall election, five in the Scott Walker-Tom Barrett recall, one illegal ballot in an August 2012 primary, and two ballots in the November 2012 presidential election.
In the presidential election, Monroe cast an in-person absentee ballot in Shorewood on Nov. 1 and drove a rental car to Lebanon, Ind., where he showed his Indiana driver's license to vote in person on election day, Nov. 6, the complaint charges. Monroe owns a house there, according to the complaint.
The 26-page criminal complaint was filed Friday in Milwaukee County Circuit Court and is being prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf, one of the prosecutors involved in the John Doe investigations of Gov. Scott Walker's staff when he was county executive and the now-halted probe into fundraising by Walker's gubernatorial campaign. http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/shorewood-man-charged-with-13-counts-of-voter-fraud-b99297733z1-264322221.html
Sadly, even though this guy is charged, his illegal votes still took away properly votes cast by those who voted against his candidate, no matter who it was, and there is no do over.
Hopefully, he will spend more than a few months in prison.


  1. Not sure how this would have prevented the voting in Indiana, since Indiana does have Voter ID (and is the genesis of the Crawford v. Marion County Election Board SCOTUS case).

    However, I am curious how he could have voted five times in the 2012 Recall -- two is possible by voting absentee + in-person, but five?

  2. And he voted in his kid's name and voter ID would have prevented that.