Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Another Stupid Democrat

From the Detroit News Times: Days after a coalition of welfare rights organizations appealed to the United Nations for relief with Detroit water shutoffs, U.S. Rep. John Conyers today condemned the practice by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department.
Conyers said he plans to develop a range of solutions to address the crisis, including requesting federal emergency relief.
“Detroit’s water crisis did not happen in a vacuum,” Conyers said in a statement this evening. “Over the past decade, Detroiters have seen their water rates increase by 119%. Over this same period, forces beyond city residents’ control — including a global financial crisis that left one in five local residences in foreclosure and sent local unemployment rates skyrocketing — severely undercut Detroiters’ ability to pay.”
Conyers called the shutoffs inhumane and “economically short-sighted.” He said he plans to introduce legislation to protect access to water during the city’s bankruptcy proceedings and he will be working with members of Congress, state and federal officials in the coming days.
What this idiot congresscritter doesn't understand that if people don't pa their bill, that makes it harder for other people to pay.
Or worse, so, if the poor don't pay, why shouldn't anybody else pay for the water?
Sadly, this idiot congress idiot has been in Congress way too long to understand the basic economics of life. 
This is the same idiot who didn't get enough signatures on the ballot and paid off a federal judge to get his name back o the ballot.

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