Monday, June 23, 2014


From the Baltimore Sun: Benefit to be held to honor dog killed by officer Nala, the 7-year-old Shar-Pei killed when a Baltimore police officer slit her throat earlier this month, will be memorialized Tuesday at a city establishment where the dog's owner works.
The event, Justice for Nala, is slated for 4 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday at Midtown BBQ and Brew, according to the establishment's staff and a listing posted online. A portion of the restaurant's sales for the entire day will be donated to two foundations: the North American Shar-Pei Rescue, Noah's Arks Rescue, and Defenders of Animal Rights, Inc., according to the event listing.
Nala, who belonged to Sarah Gossard of Canton, was killed after it escaped from home on June 14. Baltimore police said Officer Jeffrey Bolger, a member of the Special Operations Section, slit the dog's throat as fellow officer Thomas Schmidt detained it. Bolger was charged with animal cruelty, aggravated animal cruelty and malfeasance in office. Schmidt has been placed on administrative leave with pay.
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Umm, ok.  Where the money go to?  The dog's wife?  His children?
Ok, the money go to some dog foundations.
Wouldn't you think that the money could be better spent on Humans?  Victims of child abuse and neglect?  How about those with cancer, the disabled and kids with weird diseases with no cures?
Yeah, let's put animals over people.

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