Monday, June 30, 2014


From the Chicago Tribune: A group of Sufi Muslims took to Chicago’s streets Sunday to say an emblem used by Italian perfume-maker Roberto Cavalli smacks of insensitivity and is an affront to their faith.
The outrage stems from a logo for the Just Cavalli line that is shaped similarly to a Sufi symbol that represents “Allah,” or God, and has been revered by the faithful for decades as a sign of love and unity. Cavalli has used its logo on ads for its perfumes and clothes, including some particularly troubling to Sunday’s demonstrators that featured mostly naked models with the logo tattooed on their necks.
The symbol “means everything that the advertisement isn’t,” said Saloumeh Bozorgzadeh, a Chicago psychologist and student of Sufism who was among about 100 anti-Cavalli demonstrators on the Magnificent Mile.
The company has denied charges of ripping off the sacred symbol, and a European Union trademark commission recently sided with Cavalli when Sufis requested that the corporation be barred from using the logo. Roberto Cavalli officials didn’t respond to an interview request from the Tribune on Sunday.
The protest in Chicago, which took place during the first weekend in the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, is part of a global effort to put pressure on the company. A petition started in the United Kingdom has more than 3,000 signatures, and demonstrations have taken place in California, Texas, Germany and elsewhere.,0,3786149.story
Yeah, a total of 3,000 out of the world's population of 5,000,000,000.  That'll impress them.

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