Saturday, June 28, 2014

Question: Why Is Hillary Even Speaking At UNLV?

There has been a big fuss in the media over Hillary Clinton and her speaking at UNLV and to a group of rich people.  Students are not footing the bill but some are outraged that she is charging $225,000 for a speech and a meet and greet.
First, I have no problem with how much she is making.  If people are willing to spend that kind of money to hear spout off, hey more power to her.
To the students complaining- get over it.  You students think you are the most important people at the University. HAHAHA, silly people.  You fall in behind the administration, professors, donors and athletics.  You matter so little to these people, it really is pathetic.  And here is a little clue: those from out of the country matter more than those from Nevada as they pay a lot more in tuition than you do.  Nevada students are pretty much near the bottom- above the bums on Maryland Blvd but below the custodians and secretaries who work at UNLV.
But the question is why Hillary speaking at UNLV?  What can she offer to the donors, professors and administrators who will attend the party but probably won't buy her book?
Is she an expert in gambling?  No.
Is she an expert in the hospitality business?  Well, she has stayed at her share of 5 star hotels, but that hasn't made her any smarter.  But no, she is not an expert.
Is she an expert in the Culinary Arts?  I doubt she has made a meal for her self, except for frozen TV dinners since she left Arkansas.
Is she an expert on the Western United States?  The only thing she probably has in common with the West is that her Husband Bubba probably gave President Obama ideas where to pick up chicks in Las Vegas.
So, why is she going to come to UNLV?  Apparently to raise funds for UNLV.  If her book sales are any indication, UNLV will raise less money than they pay her.
But as Hillary says "What difference does it make" why she is going to UNLV.  She is going probably going to blow it playing Red, her favorite color, on the roulette table.
I might add, if Hillary really wanted to make really big money, do what Paris Hilton, the Kardashian clan and other floozies do: go to the casino clubs and look pretty (hard to do) and spin some records.  She probably get $500,000 or more for a couple hours of work and she can meet the little people.

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