Monday, June 30, 2014

NPRI Going After CCEA (Teacher's Union)

I got this e-mail today from NPRI:

Dear Friend,
We are just two days away from the crucial two-week window when Nevada teachers can opt out of their union.
Two days from our biggest push yet to reach teachers all across the Silver State!
I assure you, union bosses are panicking right now. That’s because 1,450 Nevada teachers have left the teacher union behind over the past two years — costing the unions more than a million dollars in lost annual dues.
They’re panicked because they know that many more teaches want to leave, and will do exactly that if they find out they have a choice.
And this year, you and I will reach more teachers than ever before!
Union bosses work hard to keep teachers in the dark regarding their right to leave the union. So we have taken the information directly to teachers. For the third year in a row, we’re reaching out to teachers to inform them of their rights, but this year we’ve added a new element: We’ve put billboards up in the Las Vegas Valley, prominently featuring the information teachers need to leave the union if they choose to do so. That message has already reached thousands of teachers, and our billboards will remain up throughout the two-week opt-out period spanning July 1 to July 15.
Can you imagine the reaction from a union boss driving by one of our billboards for the first time?

With the beginning of the opt-out period just two days away, I hope you will take this opportunity to support our final push to reach as many teachers as possible.
This is our last chance in 2014 to let teachers know that they can leave the union!
Your support could help a Nevada teacher save hundreds of dollars, while also sending a powerful message to the union bosses that teachers deserve to know their rights.
The time to act is right now! I hope we can count on your support.

Having been a teacher in CCSD an a member of the CCEA, I would urge my teacher friends to opt out the union.
Quite frankly, the union is not only weak, it is incredibly weak.  While you have some union activists in the union, you also have elected leaders who are sucks up and plants by the CCSD administration, whose only purpose is to sabotage individual teachers and go to bat for principals and other administrators.
So, to those teachers who belong to the CCEA, opt out save yourself about $130 a month because you get nothing for that money from the union.

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