Tuesday, June 24, 2014

You Suck, Wall Street Journal

I used to read the "Best of the Web" from the Wall Street Journal.  But today, we got this message from the WSJ: (Note: Henceforth Best of the Web Today will appear behind the WSJ paywall. Click here or below to learn about subscription offers.)
First, anybody who uses the word "henceforth" is a nerd and not worth reading.
And second, they want $8 a month to read their article.  As a conservative, I am thrifty and I am not going to spend $8 a month to read an article, especially when they go on vacation, attends conferences etc just about every week.
Good bye Best of the Web.  You are good but not $8 a month good.


  1. The $8 a month is actually just an introductory rate; the actual rate is $25. But the good part of the news, curiously unexplained, is that the WSJ finally made online access free for print subscribers.

  2. Yeah, I was pretty upset about it too. I've been a daily reader of BOTW since 2002. Gonna miss it, but can't afford to pay.