Saturday, June 21, 2014

Umm, Yeah, Whatever

From the Houston Chronicle: Sounding more presidential aspirant than book-selling author, former secretary of state and first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton on Friday excoriated the current partisan divide in U.S. politics that she insisted is crippling America's can-do spirit for the future.
"Our political system has to be fixed so we start working together again," she said at a packed performance hall speech that was repeatedly interrupted by cheers in Texas' Democrat-friendly capital city.
"We have to start acting like Americans. We're all on the same team."
During a 45-minute speech, Clinton criticized current politicians who she said underscore the fact they're right, in part "because they have a channel to the Divine" - an apparent reference to evangelical Republicans who are driving much of the criticism of Democrats such as herself.
Well, I wonder how atheists think about Clinton and her insane comment about some GOP members have  a channel to the Devine.
But in the world of Democrats, there is no compromise, they just want the GOP to move to their side.
When was the last time you saw Senile Harry Reid and the worst president ever, Obama, compromise?
As it becomes clearer that Clinton will run, the more insane she appears.


  1. As your friendly neighborhood atheist, I get irritated any time a politician invokes God. Not to the level of activism, mind you. Just mild irritation. I'm aware that most people are religious, and they really like acknowledgement of it from their politicians. But I don't have to like it.

    Hillary's comment SHOULD be in-bounds. After all, religious people have no compunction about disparaging atheists. But I understand why it irks you.

  2. Aaaaaand Jimby throws out the association fallacy.

    Dumbass should have spent time in a critical thinking class.

  3. And cowardly anonymous is making a point about. . .what exactly? Dan asked what an atheist thought about it, and I told him.

  4. Not exactly the brightest bulb, are you?

    "After all, religious people have no compunction about disparaging atheists."

    Care to back that up with factual data, or are you pulling this out of your cornfed ass?

  5. Read any story about atheism that is open to public comments. Read any poll that says Christians won't vote for an atheist. I *am* an atheist. Don't you think I've run across more than a few mouthy Christians?

  6. Jimby to English translation:

    I'm lazy and would get my ass schooled by a seventh grade debate team.

  7. Well, excuse me, Annie, but this is not debating class, and you are no instructor. And hey, My name is Jamie. If you're going to play juvenile games with my name, how about actually hitting on the correct name?

  8. Nobody said this was a debating class, illiterate. Typical Jimby -- twist shit to try to make a dumbassed point.

    Considering the dumbassed thing you did this weekend, you are the last person to be commenting on who should or should not be an instructor.