Monday, June 16, 2014

Classic Government Incompetence

The warning letter posted by federal officials who plan to boot colony of about 25 feral cats from Plum Beach in the Gateway National Recreation Area by June 20.
From the Best of the Web:  "A feral cat colony in Brooklyn is set to be cleared at the Gateway National Recreation Area [this] week, according to an edict from the National Park Service, which oversees the federally protected, 26,600-acre nature preserve," New York's Daily News reports:
"Feral cat colonies are prohibited on Federal property," reads a sign posted Sunday near the entrance to the park in Plum Beach, where about 25 cats call home. . . . The felines pose a threat to native shorebirds, small mammals and reptiles who share the woods and beach, Park Service officials said.
There's just one problem, barks Eric Boehm of "Cats can't read signs."
Just more government stupidity.

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