Saturday, November 15, 2014

A Little Late?

From the NY Daily News: South Korean officials said Friday they will ban Asiana Airlines from flying to San Francisco for 45 days as punishment for a deadly crash in July last year.
An official from Asiana Airlines said the company will appeal the decision by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport's disciplinary committee, and will consider legal measures if the committee rejects the appeal. She did not want to be named, citing company rules.
A ministry official, who spoke on condition of anonymity citing office rules, said if the company does appeal, the ministry will make a final decision within one month.
The official said the committee considered the number of deaths and injuries and the amount of property damage in deciding on the length of the flight ban.
If the appeal is rejected, the ministry will ask the company to choose a period in the next six months to serve the suspension, he said.
So, what will the idiots do at the San Fran airport about the fact that a fire truck ran over and killed one of the passengers?  Are they going to suspend the fire department?
Further, the accident happened a year and half ago and the airline has made improvements.
Shouldn't the airport suspended the airline right after the accident?
Another reason why those who live and around San Fran are just a bunch of liberal village idiots, who make real village idiots look intelligent.

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