Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kevin Harvick Wins Spint NASCAR Race, Championship

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In the season finale, where 4 drivers had a chance to win the Sprint NASCAR championship, Kevin Harvick won both the race and championship, beating 2nd place driver in the race and championship, Ryan Newman.
It was a pretty exciting race, despite the race was held in Homestead, FL., one of the worst places to hold the race.
Denny Hamlin came in 3rd for the Chase, followed by Joey Logano who had a car fall off the jack while changing tires on the 2nd last pit stop for him.
Jeff Gordon was the dominate car for most of the race and then wit a few laps left to go, he decided to pit.  One wonders why- did he not want to be in the middle of the 3 top 3 Chase cars or did he really have a problem.
It was an exciting finish to an exciting season and Chase in 2014.  Now less than 4 months until Daytona.

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