Thursday, November 20, 2014

Look at The Candidates

From the New York Daily News: State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is planning to examine why New York’s voter turnout was so low on Election Day.
Speaking on public radio’s “The Capitol Pressroom,” Schneiderman expressed alarm that so few voters took part and said he wanted his office to examine what Impediments were keeping people from the ballot box.
“We don’t have voter ID laws and yet we are always on the bottom of the list in terms of voter participation,” Schneiderman, a Democrat, told host Susan Arbetter.
Voter turnout was just under 30% in New York on Election Day as Schneiderman – as well as Gov. Cuomo and state Controller Thomas DiNapoli – coasted to easy reelection victories.
“Our system does not work well when the public is disengaged,” Schneiderman said.
What Schneiderman is really saying is why so few Democrat voters came to the polls.
If Democrats won in New York state, he wouldn't say a darn thing, but because Republicans won races they weren't they supposed to win, then the Democrat thinks it was because voters were impeded.
What a jackass, which coincidentally, is the mascot of the democrat party.
How fitting.

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