Saturday, November 15, 2014

Stupid Chris Christie Appointed Judge News

From the NY Daily News: Two New Jersey parents will have to foot the bill for their adult daughter’s college tuition ― even though she hasn’t spoken to them in two years, they claimed.
Temple University junior Caitlyn Ricci sued her estranged parents for tuition money in 2013. On Thursday, a Camden County judge ordered the divorced couple to cough up $16,000 every year the 21-year-old is enrolled in classes.
Caitlyn Ricci’s grandparents paid for the lawyer she used to sue their own son, WPVI reported. They said Ricci’s unsupportive parents ― Michael Ricci and Maura McGarvey ― kicked her out of the family home two years ago.
The divorced couple said they never turned their back on their daughter: Instead, she left her mother’s home, refusing to accept house rules like chores and a curfew, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported.
They’ve tried reaching out to her after she moved to her grandparents’ in February 2013.
The judge in this case, Donny Stein, is a Chris Christie appointment.
I guess old Christiey boy sure doesn't know judges too well.
And this judge doesn't know the difference between spoiled 21 year old adult brat and a juvenile.
Way to go, Christie.

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