Monday, November 17, 2014

BaaZing: Scott Walkers Zaps Old Lady Hillary

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From Althouse: And anyone who has seen pictures of this president or any of the former presidents can see the before and after."No matter how fit, no matter how young they are, they age pretty rapidly when you look at their hair any everything else involved with it. Whether it’s two years, six years or 20 years from now — because I think of Hillary Clinton. I could run 20 years from now and still be about the same age as the former Secretary of State is right now. The only thing I think someone is sane should want to be president, or should run for president not because they want to be or yearn to be, but because they feel called to. Right now, I still feel called to be the governor of the state of Wisconsin, and I’m going to do the best job I can over the next four years.
Yeah, Hillary is old.  Like Wilma Flintstone old.
She will be 69 years old when she runs for President.
President Reagan was 70 years old when he first ran and the liberals said he was too old to be president.
How come they are not saying the same thing about Hillary?
Oh, right.  Liberals make up rules as they go along and rules don't pply to them, just everyone else.

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