Monday, November 17, 2014

Awww, Poor New York City

From the New York Post:
Everywhere but here — they pity us now.
They do. It’s true. Big, bad, New York? Mighty Gotham? Just another cow town with new stadiums nobody wanted with teams nobody wants to watch. It isn’t so much that the mighty have fallen, it’s that the mighty have become mites, worthy of the kind of sad head-shakes that Bruce Jenner must see a lot these days.
Good God — does that make us the Bruce Jenner of sports towns?
I spent the past week among an eclectic mixture of sports fans from around the country. In the past, all it would take was the proud declaration of home — NEW YORK!!! (extra exclamation points unnecessary, but assumed) — and there was a hush. Home of the Yankees. Home of the Giants. Home of more championships than we could count, and more disposable dollars to ensure a prosperity of permanence.
Meet Duke. He’s 64, he lives in a suburb of Cleveland, been rooting for those teams his whole life. He was 14 the last time one of those teams — the Browns — won a championship. He lived and died with Bernie Kosar and Ernest Byner, with Jose Mesa and the ’97 Indians, with LeBron the first time around. Has the scars to prove it. But Duke is serene now.
“It’ll happen soon,” he said, sipping his Cuban rum poolside, enjoying his cigar, smiling. “Maybe it’ll be the Browns. The Indians are solid now. But, if not, LeBron will get it done for us in a year or two. We’re in a good place.”
Then a rueful shake of the head.
“I’m not sure when we’ll be able to say that about you.”
Yes: Cleveland is feeling sorry for us. Dogs and cats, living together, total chaos.
Between the Jets and Giants, they are 5-15.
The other New York state team, the Buffalo Bills has as many wins as the Jets and Giants combined.
But then again, the Giants and Jets are in NYC name only because they are basically New Jersey teams.
So, in reality, they are the pride and joy of Chris Christie.

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