Saturday, November 29, 2014

Shopping Observations

This year, I worked a fairly large retain box store (not Wal-Mart) and I worked Wednesday thru today and I have these observations:
On Wednesday- the store was quiet.
Thursday (Thanksgiving) it was quiet until about 6:00 PM and then the hordes of shoppers arrived and then many of them acted like they were on meth.  We sold a lot of trampolines this day, meaning that the orthopedic doctors will have job security for another year.
Black Friday: Customers again were zipping around the store like they were on meth.  Sold a lot of TVs this day.
Saturday: The old and slow shoppers arrived. Many of them looked clueless, like this was the first time they went shopping.  They stood around the store looking completely lost.  A lot of people brought in their pet dogs today- for emotional support perhaps?
I guess the rest of the days leading up to Christmas will be steady, with a mixture of meth head shoppers and the old and slow.  Hopefully, they will not get together in the same aisle or a nasty customer crash may occur.

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