Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Shut Up, Already

From the Arizona Republic:
A Wisconsin-based anti-religion group raised concerns to Mesa Public Schools that the Mountain View High School marching band violated the Constitution during an October show that included props made to look like the crosses at Normandy.
The school district says the show was not an endorsement of Christianity but a program to honor veterans.
The band will perform the show again today at the Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors Association State Marching Band Championship at Glendale Community College.
The band received national attention in 2013 when it performed in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York. It won a superior rating for its performance of the Normandy show Nov. 1 at the Arizona Band and Orchestra Directors State Marching Festival.
"While it is laudable for the Mountain View High marching band to honor U.S. military members, the use of Latin crosses in the performance sends the message that the band either only seeks to honor Christian service members or that it believes that only Christians serve in the U.S. military," Sam Grover, an attorney for the Freedom from Religion Foundation, said in a letter to the district Oct. 22.
"Religion is a divisive force in public schools. These Latin crosses alienate those non-Christian students, teachers and members of the public whose religious beliefs are inconsistent with the message being promoted by the school."
Mesa schools attorney Thomas Pickrell said in response that Mountain Views's white foam props made to look like crosses and a Star of David were meant to resemble the Normandy Cemetery and Memorial in France, which honors troops who died in Europe during World War II.
"Once in position, the band played a medley of songs associated with the U.S. military's four service branches," Pickrell said in a response Nov. 5 to the group.
"No prayer was given or religious music performed. No objective person who saw the performance — your complainant told us that he did not — would perceive it to be anything other than an attempt through music and pageantry to recognize the patriotic sacrifice of our U.S. military veterans."
I'm pretty sure that most atheists would be embarrassed by this idiot atheist letter and beliefs.
And I am pretty sure, the idiot atheist probably just saw a cross and didn't bother to ask what the crosses represented.
And thank God the school district is telling this idiot atheist to piss off.

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