Monday, November 24, 2014

Grand Jury Verdict Is: No Criminal Charges

Well, the Grand Jury in the thug Michael Brown case is in and the verdict  is:  No probable cause. No criminal charges.
The DA gave his sympathies to the Brown family.
The St. Louis County police dept. ran the investigation.
DA said that the Feds and local cops worked together.
Lots of protestors in Ferguson, in front of the court house.
DA said many pro-Michael Brown witness statements were false.
12 members were on the jury.
DA said the grand jury paid attention and met 25 days.
There is a difference between probable cause- grand jury and beyond reasonable- criminal trial.
DA I bringing AG Eric Holder into the conversation.
DA is now giving the facts of the case.

Let the rioting begin.

Watching Fox News, it appears, in some laces there are more reporters than cops and protestors.
There have been some throwing of objects at the cops but not much.
There were 9 whites and 3 blacks on the jury.
Looting is being reported in Ferguson, per the police radio heard on

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