Saturday, November 15, 2014

ObamaCare Disaster: Part 2854675

From the Chicago Tribune: Cook County saw a price jump of 12 percent for the cheapest Obamacare insurance plans available in 2015.
 But a handful of counties, including Lake and Kane, had even larger increases from 2014 for the same plans offered under the Affordable Care Act.
The federal government released detailed plan-by-plan data for 2015 on Friday. People will be able to sign up for coverage next year, starting Saturday. The 2015 open-enrollment period will last until Feb. 15.
Last week, the Illinois Department of Insurance issued a report saying that overall, premiums for the medium-priced silver plans would see an average premium increase of just 2.6 percent across the state. Most Americans signed up for silver plans last year.
Health insurance plans offered through the marketplace are categorized as bronze (lowest cost), silver, gold or platinum (highest cost). All plans are required to carry what’s considered “essential health benefits,” such as maternity benefits and prescription drugs....
Yet, depending on the county, Chicago-area consumers wanting to get a “bronze plan” for an individual will pay 11 to 15 percent more than the 2014 plans — one of the few exceptions to prices either decreasing or increasing modestly.
Hmm, wasn't ObamaCare supposed to save money instead of increasing it?
Is it any wonder why the democrats got their butts kicked?
And this is the tip of the iceberg.
And Obama and his ilk knew about the high price increases, why else would they announce these price increases after the elections instead of before the elections?

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