Monday, November 24, 2014

Sometimes We Need To License New Parents

From the Las Vegas Sun:
A father accused of murdering his 7-month-old son last week told police he pushed his knees into the baby's abdomen because he was frustrated, according to Metro Police.
The man said he held his son, Raymond Rodriguez-Gonzalez, after the incident and put him to bed, the report said.
When Rodriguez-Gonzalez went back to check up on Raymond, the baby was unresponsive, the report said.
Police received a call Tuesday about 11:50 a.m. that a baby was not breathing in an apartment in the 1900 block of Dwarf Star Drive, near Lake Mead and Lamb boulevards, according to the arrest report.
The Clark County Fire Department responded to the house and transported the baby to University Medical Center.
Medical personnel at the hospital noticed the baby had bruising under his left eye and on his right hip, the report said.
An X-ray showed an old rib fracture, and a coroner's investigation found two scrapes to the back of the boy's head, according to the report.
An autopsy revealed an abnormal amount of blood in the abdomen and a liver laceration consistent with blunt-force trauma, the release said.
There are some people who should never be parents or they should have their tubes tied or have vasectomies and this thug above is Exhibit A.
Fortunately, when he goes to prison, his life expectancy will probably be about a year when he gets into the general population.

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