Thursday, November 13, 2014

Shame On CCSD

From the LVRJ:
For years, Elizabeth Moore couldn’t get a straight answer from Variety School staff about the bruises on her son’s body and the cuts to his face.
“We didn’t know what to do. He was getting off the bus like this,” said the mother and gynecologist whose son, Dennis Moore, is mute and autistic.
Her frustration with the lack of answers led her to file a lawsuit against the Clark County School District in 2012.
As her lawyers built the case, an eyewitness testified that when Dennis was 9 years old, he was kicked in the chest by his special education teacher, which sent him head-first into a concrete wall.
Now 13, Dennis still bears a scar on the back of his head from hitting an electrical outlet on that concrete wall. A brain scan showed evidence of permanent brain trauma.
And that was just the worst of the abuse Dennis suffered in his three years at Variety, a school for special education students, Moore said. She relied on school files and testimony from the lawsuit to provide the answers her mute son couldn’t.
The district was quick to offer a settlement during the discovery process. A district spokeswoman declined to comment on the case on Wednesday.
“That’s how damning it was,” Moore said of evidence in the lawsuit. She cited the testimonies of a teacher’s assistant who witnessed Dennis being abused and a school police officer who investigated the allegations of abuse. The probe into her son’s experiences at Variety would end there though because of the six-figure settlement pending in the case.
It's sad but not surprising and this case is not the only case of abuse in CCSD.
I used to be a special education teacher in CCSD and I have witnessed substantial abuse and neglect by CCSD teachers and staff.
For instance a teacher refused to toilet severely disabled kids and refused to change diapers of kids who were diapers, even though all they had to do was ask.
A teacher refused to feed severely disabled breakfast because she didn't want to and so the kids, all on free lunch/breakfast, did not eat probably since their night before.
Another staff member severely harassed a student who displayed homosexual tendencies to the point the kid was in tears.
A teacher and staff member lost a student who was severely mentally disabled and that student was found wandering near an intersection that is very busy and that student crossed the busy street and fortunately, did not get hit by a car.  Then the administrator blamed the parent for this incident.
Another student was forgotten to be placed on the school bus home and the student was found an hour after school let out.
And this all happened last school year.
And did any teacher get fired?
Did the administrator get into trouble?  Nope, mainly because the administrator has a close relationship with another administrator.
So, sadly, this is CCSD.

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