Saturday, November 15, 2014

Just Shut Up, Already, Part 2

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From ESPN:
While a California legislator has called for Kurt Busch to be suspended amid domestic assault allegations, NASCAR chairman Brian France said Friday that no action will be taken against the Sprint Cup driver.
France confirmed Friday that Rep. Jackie Speier sent a letter to NASCAR president Mike Helton and to Stewart-Haas Racing saying she was "disappointed" that Busch hadn't been suspended until the matter is resolved.
"NASCAR would rather let Mr. Busch drive for the remainder of the racing season than take a stance on violence against women," Speier wrote in the letter. "While he rounds the track, the legal processes for his domestic violence charges race forward as well. Until his legal proceedings end, NASCAR should put Mr. Busch's car in park. The charges are horrifying, and NASCAR's inaction sends a clear signal to drivers that owners do not take these violent actions seriously."
She also called for NASCAR to "adopt a policy going forward in all domestic violence cases to suspend drivers until criminal proceedings end or there is a clear lack of evidence."
When you look up the word "Anti-American bitch: in the dictionary, Jackie Speier's picture would be posted right next to the definition.
Kurt Busch has not been charged and there is some question as to if the allegations are even true.
It would be one thing if Busch was charged, but these are only allegations and the woman making the allegations still has not been able to get a restraining order against Busch.
So, to Jackie Speier, just shut up already, you attention seeking whore.

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