Saturday, November 22, 2014

More Evidence That A Minimum Wage Doesn't Work

I, for one, don't believe in a minimum wage.  If people want to receive $3 an hour, so be it, if that is what the market will bear.  If people can get $15 that's great.
From the Chicago Sun Times: Bottega’s 1,700-square-foot studio in Lake View as guests begin to arrive one recent evening.
Bottle & Botega owner Stephanie King-Myers and her staff bustle through the bright, airy space on the triangular corner of a historic flatiron in preparation....
“It was when my husband and I couldn’t find jobs in our field. One day we were painting. A friend came over and lamented she had no talent. We said, ‘Nonsense. Anybody can paint. We can teach you.’ Wine started flowing,” she says, laughing.
“The next morning, I woke up and thought, ‘Hey, this has some legs.’ ”
The mother of two owns two corporate locations — the second is in the South Loop — and employs a staff of 15. They range from entry-level studio assistants paid slightly above minimum wage, to $15-an-hour studio managers.
She’s anxious about the effect of an upcoming Chicago-only minimum wage hike.
In Illinois, minimum wage is $8.25 hourly, more than the federal minimum wage of $7.25.
In Chicago, three separate proposals are before the City Council, expected to be voted on before Jan. 1. Last week, the council’s Workforce Development Committee initiated hearings on them.
They include a hike to $15 an hour sought by one aldermanic group; an incremental rise to $13 an hour by 2018 that has been embraced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel; and the $10 an hour sought by still other aldermen who want the city to match a proposed statewide rate overwhelmingly approved by Illinois voters on Nov. 4.
“I know what it’s like to have to work and to not have an income to support your family,” says King-Myers, recalling how she and her husband struggled after their layoff. Her husband now sells real estate.
“We’re not opposed to a reasonable minimum wage increase, especially in Chicago, where it’s really impossible to live solely on $8.25 an hour, especially if you have to feed a family. I would not be opposed to $10 an hour,” King-Myers says.
“But $15 an hour for your basic entry-level job is unsustainable for us. Right now, my manager is making $15 an hour, and if my studio assistant is paid $15 an hour to clean glassware, my manager is going to say that’s not fair,” she says. “Even $13 is quite high. Our assistant manager makes $13 an hour, and that’s a position where you’re requiring job skills. When you start entry-level pay that high, you’re pushing the envelope for all the other positions.”
A lot of liberals say we need a higher minimum wage.  Well, these people, like Obama, are completely ignorant.  They don't realize that business owners just can't put out $15 an hour for a low skilled job.
And liberals who are completely ignorant, like Obama, of business, don't realize that minimum wage is not meant to raise a family.  If a person can only get a minimum wage job, then they are highly uneducated or they made bad choices in life, like committing crimes.  If a person who drops out of high school or earlier or has numerous criminal convictions, they need to start at the bottom and work their way up the wage scale.
My second job happens to be a minimum wage job and I accept it.  It is my choice.  If I want a higher paying job, then I will seek it, if I decide to.
So, to those who think that a higher minimum wage is the cure all to poverty, well, they are completely stupid when to comes to reality.

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