Saturday, November 15, 2014

Where Men Are Men and The Sheep Run Scared

From the NY Daily News:  It was his first time. With a sheep.
That’s what a Fresno State University student told police early Tuesday after he was caught on top of an ewe with his pants down.
“Am I going to be expelled for this,” the 23-year-old man, only described as a fifth-year computer engineering student, told police. He’s now accused of bestiality, according to a KMPH-TV report.
A spooked student had called Fresno State police after hearing strange noises near the Fresno Sheep Unit.
Officers found the student in the barn, apparently having sex with the defenseless farm animal.
The student claimed he had been wrestling with cattle, according to a police report, but when there was obviously not a cow in sight, he referenced the sheep and admitted, “it was all the same,” KMPH-TV wrote.
In a few months, we may have a sheep birth like this:

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