Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama: The Meth Head President At It Again

Meth users are some of the worst liars and thieves and they completely destroy their brains, making them extremely stupid.
Well, in my humble opinion, President Obama acts like a meth head and the way he is acting by breaking the law and having short term memory loss makes me want to think he may be a user as well.
From the LVRJ:
When President Obama arrives Friday at McCarran International Airport, traffic will grind to a halt, both at the airport and on streets along the route to Del Sol High School.
It’s the usual VIP protocol that occurs when a high-ranking dignitary that warrants Secret Service protection comes to Las Vegas.
While Obama’s Friday schedule has not been released, most indicators point to a late-morning arrival at the school. Since it’s a five-minute motorcade ride from the airport to Del Sol, Air Force One should arrive after Friday’s morning commute ends.
McCarran officials say the normal procedure for a VIP arrival requires a “ramp freeze” when the president’s plane is on final approach to the airport. When the freeze is announced, nothing on the runways, taxiways and ramps at the airport can move until the Secret Service issues an all-clear announcement.
That means there will likely be some flight delays at McCarran for about a 15-30-minute span.
However, airport officials are encouraging passengers to arrive at the airport before their regularly scheduled departure times because circumstances can change and airlines won’t be building delays into their schedules.
The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department hasn’t disclosed the size of the escort force. While all VIP arrivals are different, police escorts normally put rolling street closures in place.
Officials haven’t announced Obama’s route to Del Sol — and probably won’t — but the most likely path from the airport would be east on Russell Road to a southbound cross-street, probably Eastern Avenue, McLeod Drive or Pecos Road to Patrick Lane where Del Sol is located.
The distance between the location where Air Force One will be parked and Del Sol is less than three miles.
Last week, Obama was lecturing the world about global warming/climate change and taking away money from taxpayers and giving it to 3rd world countries as bribes incentives to combat global warming.
So, tomorrow, Obama is going to hop on an helicopter at the White House, fly to his 747, hop on the 747 and there may be a 2nd plane that will go with him, to Las Vegas- about a 4-5 hour flight.
He will then hop in his 20+ vehicle caravan to Del Sol High school.  There he will give a speech and then probably will go to a casino/hotel for some dinner and some banging of his girlfriend (For those who have read this blog for some length of time, I am convinced Obama has a girlfriend that he visits when he is in Vegas because he has traveled her so many times, most of the time, without reason, like tomorrow)
After his meal or 2, he will then get into his car, in his caravan and go back to McCarren for his flight home.  He will then hop on the helicopter and end up back at the White House, all compliments of the taxpayer.
So, this is the president who constantly lectures us about global warming and what does he do?  Makes a huge carbon footprint  that most of us cannot make in 1 year.
Just a day in the life of our meth head president.

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