Friday, November 28, 2014

Time To Drink More Coke

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From Fox News: American Federation of Teachers, one of the largest teachers unions in the United States, passed a resolution last week to ban Coca-Cola from its facilities and events.
The teachers union stated its decision was based on human rights violations, which have been detailed in three books published several years ago.
The questions remain: why now and why is this important to a teachers union?
Because AFT is a labor organization, it will stand in solidarity with other labor organizations that have taken a stance against Coca-Cola, AFT spokesman Michael Heenan told
Coca-Cola responded to AFT’s claims in an email to, saying they were based on “outdated and erroneous allegations that we have repeatedly addressed.”
This may be more about the union resenting the beverage companies’ practice of subcontracting instead of hiring permanent employees, which is cited in the AFT resolution, said Larry Sand, president of the California Teachers Empowerment Network.
“Obviously they (Coca-Cola) were not using unionized workers,” Sand said.
This was probably to avoid having to deal with the costs associated with unionized employees, he added.
So, as a teacher who does not belong to any union, I proudly say drink more Coke products and the hell with the AFT.
It would be nice if the AFT stuck with issues that affect teachers, like pay, abusive students and getting rid of Common Core.
So, bottoms up and here's having a drink of Coke.

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