Saturday, November 15, 2014

This Would Be Interesting

From the Detroit Free Press: Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Friday that Officer Darren Wilson could return to the police force if a grand jury does not indict in the shooting death of an unarmed teenager.
A grand jury is considering whether to indict Wilson, 28, in the shooting death of Michael Brown, 18, an African American.
That part was interesting, but this stood out to me:
In Boston, a group called "Black Lives Matter," which also has chapters in other major cities, is organizing a rally in front of the police district office in the Roxbury neighborhood the day after an indictment decision.
Well, I happened to look up the 'Black Lives Matter" web site.
Well, apparently, according to these fools, Black Lives Matter only when it comes to cops or cop wannabes.
They mention nothing about Black on Black crime, especially all the young lives that have been lost in Black on Black crime.
So, apparently, Black lives don't really matter with these fools.

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