Friday, November 21, 2014

This Is Jon Ralston

This is Jon Ralston:
Las Vegas Sun columnist Jon Ralston pleaded guilty Wednesday in Justice Court to the misdemeanor charge of DUI first offense.
Chief Deputy District Attorney L.J. O'Neale said Ralston received no special treatment because of his status in the Las Vegas community.
"This was the standard negotiation for someone who comes in and is willing to accept responsibility and plead guilty to their first offense," O'Neale said.
On April 2 a Nevada Highway Patrol trooper pulled over Ralston on Interstate 215 near Pecos Road for making an unsafe lane change. He was arrested for driving under the influence and cited for the lane change.
Ralston is a irresponsible drunk who should not be a journalist because of his dependence on alcohol.  He is also a liar and cannot hold onto a job as he has been fired more than once.
Yeah, Jon, you want to dig up dirt from a long time ago, we can do the same on you.

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