Thursday, November 6, 2014

Winners and Losers in the 2014 Mid Term Elections

You have probably read some of the winners and losers from some authors who really know little about politics but they can write good.
Well, I predicted the results of the mid-terms in January, 2014, so I know a little about politics and for writing good, well, you can be the judge.
Winner: Republican Party- they had to put up decent candidates to win the elections and they did.
Loser: President Obama: It was your policies people rejected, not by a little but by a landside.
Winner: Governor Scott Walker; of all the individuals running in 2014, his win was the most impressive.  He defeated a so-so candidate, but he also beat the unions, very liberal press, especially in Wisconsin, liberal blogs and the beat the hell of all the haters on the left.  Further, the liberals poured a ton of money into the race, which could have been used in races that were closer and the Democrats had a chance to win but they didn't.
Loser:  Senile Harry Reid: The 2nd most hated in the election, besides Obama.  He personally caused 10,000's of jobs to be lost in Nevada and he helped Democrats lose 262 Senate and House races out of 471.  then you have hundreds if not thousands of Democrat staffers who will lose their jobs in January.
Winner: The voters: Yes, we have a divided government and that is not a good thing and maybe, just maybe their will be some good government bills going on.
Loser: Nancy Pelosi: The third head of the 3 headed dragon.  She blamed voter suppression the Democrats losing.  That is true: Obama, Reid and Pelosi kept a lot voters from the polls.
Winners: Mia Love and Tim Scott, both Black Republicans- Love int he House and Scott, the Senate.
Loser: Liberal Media:  The media, once again, showed their liberal bias leading up to the election.  Yes, they pounded Obama sometimes, but that was it.  Example of media bias was the Capitol Times in Madison, WI, who invented some kind "poll model" that continually showing the Democrat in the race for governor up in the polls but in the end, the Democrat got her butt kicked.
Winner: State Governments: More governor offices became Republican along with several state houses, where a lot of power lies.
Loser: Mitch McConnell and John Boehner: Now these GOP "leaders" have to govern and please conservatives.  They probably will fail, like most GOP leaders before them.
Loser: Bill and Hillary Clinton: Most of the people the Clinton's campaigned for lost, this driving another nail into the Hillary for President coffin.
Winner and Loser: Chris Christie: Yes, he helped some GOP get elected but he also pissed off a lot of people like Scott Walker by only campaigning for him when he was not invited and did not give Walker little if any money.
Winner: Crescent Hardy of Nevada.  He ran a perfect campaign and he completely surprised Rep. Stephen Horsford, the democrats and the media until the final week of the campaigned and handily beat the incumbent in very blue district.
Loser: The pollsters who either on purpose or stupidity got many of the polls wrong.  I suspect they misled people with their polls on purpose, especially depending on who paid for the polls to be conducted.
Winner: Me.  I hate to gloat but, in January, I made 7 predictions and only lost 1- Nevada democrats will keep the Assembly and the Senate- they lost both.
But I did predict the House and Senate would be GOP, Walker would win by 3 points, Wendy Davis would not be governor in Texas, Gov. Sandoval in Nevada would win by over 5 points, a member of the Nevada U.S. House would be defeated and John Boehner would still be speaker in the House.
Take that all the blowhard political experts on TV and the radio.

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