Monday, November 24, 2014

Rioting In St. Louis County With Updates

The thugs are rioting in St. Louis.
Shots have been fired at police officers and looting at various locations.
Cops are requesting more help due to the shots fired and looting.
More updates as they occur.
Update: They are sending day watch Missouri troopers home for the night.
Cops are taking on bricks in Ferguson.- Thorson and Randal.  Cops are needed urgently because the cops are in trouble.
Looting at a local restaurant now.
Obama is talking now:  He says that the country is a nation of laws... yeah right, except for him.  He is now quoting Michael Brown's parents.
Obama is ripping the cops- no surprise.
The rioters are apparently not listening.
Neither are the cops as they are throwing tear gas.
Update: Cops have made several arrests.
Looters next to the local McDonalds.
How sad is it that when Obama is talking the rioters are ramping up their rioting, with bottles, brick, guns and everything else.  Kind of sums up his presidency.
Crowd about 50 people fighting at the Michael Brown memorial.
Rioting thugs near police department.
Reporter hit in head with brick and needs ambulance.
Black beauty store was looted and windows broken.
Big fire by the McDonalds.
Seeing some white rioters but majority are black.
Demonstrators broke a Fox cameraman's camera.
There are now 3 fires burning in buildings.
There are protests in Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles and saint Louis, at least.
More gun shots fired, live on TV.
Strange: lots of cars are driving in and around the riot areas and where the fires are burning.  No one is stopping the cars.
Looting is continuing, now a grocery store is being looted.
Armed thugs are starting fires now.
Large fires are burning out of control and has destroyed several burnings.... and this accomplished what?
Now, a fire at a beauty supply place in Ferguson.
Looting at a Mobile gas station.
Now they are looting a Taco Bell and a tire place.

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