Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Talk About An Injustice

A thug murderer who killed 7 people at a fast food chicken place has bee awarded almost $250,000 because a guard roughed him up.
From the Chicago Sun Times: Cook County has paid nearly a quarter of a million dollars in compensatory damages to a man sentenced to life behind bars for the murder of seven Brown’s Chicken employees, his lawyer said Tuesday.
But it’s still unclear how much of that money James Degorski will get to keep after the legal wrangling is over.
In 2004, Degorski sued the county over injuries he suffered after a Cook County Jail correctional officer punched him in the face in 2002. The attack came on the same day he entered the Cook County Jail on murder charges in the 1993 killings in Palatine.
The guard put on leather gloves and struck Degorski, fracturing bones in his face and knocking him out. Degorski underwent surgery to install plates in his face, said his attorney, Jennifer Bonjean.  http://chicagosuntimes.com/news/cook-county-pays-browns-chicken-killer-prison-system-wants-a-cut/
First, you has a very stupid jury and judge that awarded this money in the first place.  Yeah, he got beat up but they should have awarded him $1 or less in damages, especially since the County paid for his medical care.
And he suffered some pain?
Well, how does that compare to the pain and suffering the murder victims felt and their families.
That money should go to the family and no one else and the lawyers who brought this claim should get nothing.

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