Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Bummer For Me

I work part-time at a local K-Mart store and they, for some reason, depend on us dinosaurs to do all the heavy work.  The youngsters, who are ages 17-25, well they don't get to do the heavy work.
On Monday, us old farts (average of people unloading the truck, about 50 years old), were unloading the semi-trailer of about 800 pieces/boxes of items for the store.  The boxes weight from about a pound to about 100 pounds, with an average weight of about 15 pounds.
A few weeks ago, we had about 9 people unloading the truck and on Monday, we had 5 people.
Well, because of this, I had to get into the semi-trailer to unload the truck and when I started climbing on the truck, my foot slipped and my knee and the rest of my lower left leg smashed into a metal plate on the truck.
The accident caused my knee to swell up to the size of a grapefruit.  So, I treated it with ice packs and Ibuprofen.
Today, Wednesday, I went to the doctor as the swelling around the knee went down but my whole leg was now swollen.
So, I went the doctor today and they said that nothing was broken or torn but that my leg (skin) was infected and that I have to go on antibiotics.
So, what is my beef?
Wal-Mart attracts the loons on the left and they demand better working conditions for their workers.
And for K-Mart/Sears?
Not a damn word from the liberal loons.
But in secret, I, the old fossil, am kicking the ass of these youngsters when it comes to physical labor.
Either that is really stupid or a source of pride.
Not sure which one.

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