Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Finally Over

Since Christmas, 2006, when my ex-wife walked out and started divorce proceedings, our court case is finally over.
Without going into much detail, my ex and I have been going to court 2-3 times since 2007.  Most of the time, she would kick the our 2 kids out the house and then she would then demand, through the courts, to get the kids back.
The ex had hired at least 4 different Las Vegas divorce lawyers and they tried every trick in the book, including lies, perjury and big talking lawyer tricks.
In the end, they all failed and today, I have full physical custody of my 2 kids and they will never have to worry that the ex will ever psychologically harm them again.
However, there are no real winners, as the kids have basically lost their biological mom, unless they decide to make up later on in life, which would be a good thing.
But, I do take pride in saying that I did not back down against the Vegas lawyers and in the end, I won the case.
And I do have to give credit to Judge Bill Henderson of the Clark County Family Courts who did not hold it against me for representing myself.  For the most part, he treated me fair.
So, finally, after 9 long years, my fight for my kids has finally ended and now hopefully, there is peace in the family.


  1. Congratulations. Sorry you had to go through all of that.

  2. Godspeed to you and the kids Dan.