Friday, July 31, 2015

Obama To Visi Vegas Girlfriend In July

From the LVRJ: President Barack Obama is lined up this month for yet another trip to Las Vegas, officials confirmed Friday.
Obama will be the keynote speaker at the National Clean Energy Summit on Aug. 24 at Mandalay Bay. It is the eighth annual gathering of renewable energy advocates, an event established by Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev.
Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz, whose celebrity has grown since helping negotiate the Obama administration's nuclear pact with Iran, has been confirmed as a speaker at the one-day conference. The headliner last year was former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
It was not immediately clear how long Obama will be in Southern Nevada or whether he will take part in other official or fundraising events while here. The White House did not comment Friday.
The trip would mark Obama's 18th to Nevada and 14th to Southern Nevada during his presidency, the most by far of any sitting president.
I have been saying for many years that Obama has a secret girl friend in Las Vegas, especially based on the number of visits he has made and many, like this trip really is not a matter of national interest.
And does it seem strange that Obama is going to visit Las Vegas to give a speech at the National Clean Energy Summit and to get here, he has to travel in a 747 from the East Coast, burning a ton of fuel, will travel in a huge motorcade to basically go across the street and then go in reverse- motorcade to the airport and another 747 plane ride back to the East Coast.
Is that using clean energy or is it polluting Mother Earth tremendously?
My bet is on the latter.

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