Monday, July 20, 2015

Union Thug going Bye Bye To Prison

When you look in the dictionary for the word "thug" this thug's picture is shown prominently. 
From Joseph Dougherty, once one of the city's most powerful labor leaders and an unapologetic enemy of nonunion builders, was sentenced Monday to 19 years and two months in federal prison for overseeing a years-long campaign of sabotage, arson, and intimidation to keep members of his Ironworkers Local 401 employed. 
The sentence - the stiffest in a racketeering conspiracy case that led to convictions of 11 other ironworkers - was hailed as a significant victory in a city where contractors have long complained of the violent tactics employed by some construction unions. Comparing Dougherty to Lady Macbeth, U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson chastised the 73-year-old business manager for acting behind the scenes and relying on "an army of ironworkers" to commit crimes for him. "That's the real tragedy of this case," Baylson said. "His leadership led to a lot of damage. It led to a lot of crimes. It continued the bad reputation Philadelphia has for tolerating union violence."
That list included some of the most high-profile incidents in the city's recent history, such as the 2012 arson of a Quaker meetinghouse in Chestnut Hill, the baseball-bat beatings of nonunion workers outside a King of Prussia Toys R Us in 2010, and an all-out brawl in 2013 between ironworkers and members of the Carpenters union.
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Good bye and good riddance.
Have fun behind the iron bars of prison.

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