Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Will This Be Treated As A Hate crime?

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I wonder when the FBI will become involved in this case.
From the Wisconsin Rapids Tribune: Wood County and state authorities believe someone might have poisoned a well and crops on an Amish farm.
A state Department of Natural Resources warden contacted the Wood County Sheriff's Department on July 7 about the possible poisoning in the 7700 block of Highway 186 in Arpin, said Sheriff's Capt. Shawn Becker.
An Amish farmer first noticed something was wrong when some of the crops began dying in his garden, Becker said. When he began harvesting food, the problem was worse and he notified authorities something was wrong.
In addition to the crops, authorities found evidence that a private well on the property was contaminated, Becker said. Officials think both the well and crops could have been poisoned, he said.
None of the food was sold to the public, and the incident appears to be an isolated one, Becker said.
The investigation could lead to possible criminal charges.
So, when will the Fed's be involved to see if the farmer civil rights were violated?
Hahaha: the farmer is too white and conservative to be considered to be a victim according to the Feds.

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