Thursday, July 30, 2015

If This were A LGBT Flag, It Would be free Speech

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From Channel 11, Atlanta: Police are investigating after four Confederate flags were placed outside of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta early Thursday.
Atlanta Police Chief George Turner said that authorities have images of two white men placing the flags outside of the historic church.
Authorities are working to determine if the flags were placed on federal or church property.
According to police, those responsible for placing the flags could face charges including criminal trespassing, terroristic threats and littering.
The Atlanta cops are a bit funny in their outrage.
First, terroristic threats?  Seriously, so every Confederate flag flown now is a terroristic threat?  Trespassing and littering, a very slight possibility but certainly not a terroristic threat.
And if this were a liberal flag like say, the Gay Pride flag, Green Peace or even if they burned the American flag, that would be considered free speech.
But a Confederate flag.  Oh no.
The police chief, some liberals and the Blacks who are outraged, and my guess, it is faux outrage and their outrage gets them in front of TV cameras, need to get a grip and stop acting like a bunch of pansies.

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