Monday, July 6, 2015

Umm, No, You Are Not Honest, You Are A Criminal

Today, the Washington Post is running an article about illegfal immigrants working on Donald Trump's latest project in Washington D.C..
From the Washington Post:
For weeks, dozens of construction workers from Latin America have streamed onto the site of the Old Post Office Pavilion in downtown Washington and taken pride in their work building one of the city’s newest luxury hotels.
But that job site is now laden with tension after the man behind the project — billionaire developer Donald Trump — put himself at the center of the nation’s debate over illegal immigration....
“The majority of us are Hispanics, many who came illegally,” Arellano said in Spanish. “And we’re all here working very hard to build a better life for our families...
Several of the laborers — who travel to work from as far away as Baltimore or Manassas, Va., every day — fumed at Trump’s comments, saying that they have led honest lives that have allowed them to buy homes and raise U.S.-born children.
The problem with illegals is that they think they are perfectly honest people who would never hurt a fly.
Well, no, they are not honest. 
These people who come here illegally are CRIMINALS, most likely felons!
These illegals are NOT HONEST.  They have to lie to work here, lie to get a drivers licenses ( or drive illegally) receive government benefits etc.
The illegals broke the law by being here and they continue to break the law while they stay in the United States illegally.
The liberals and illegals know they are breaking the law and they just look the other way.
Donald Trump is right in one sense, we need to have an honest discussion about illegals, those staying in the United States illegally and those aid and abet these criminals.
And the first step he liberals and illegals must do is admit they criminals and they are not honest.
When those things happen, then we can talk but if liberals and illegals refuse to even admit this, then what the point is it to even discuss illegal immigration.
And if I were The Donald, he should make sure everyone who works at his properties are here legally.  And if someone is found to be an illegal immigrant criminal, then Trump ought to fire them right away and pay for their airplane ticket where they came from.
and finally, there is this from the article: Montoya reflected on his journey as an immigrant, which now includes three U.S.-born children and a house that he and his wife own in a quiet section of Silver Spring, Md. He noted with pride that he thinks his story — one of coming to a new world, and of hard work paying off — is more impressive than that of the powerful developer whose name adorned the sign behind him as he spoke.
“Actually,” he reflected, “we’re more American than him.”
No, you are not more American than him. especially if you were here illegally at any given time.
In reality, you are just a bum and I hope you get your ass fired tomorrow.

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