Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lion Hunting In Perspective

So a bunch of do gooders have gotten their panties in an uproar about a dentist shooting Cecil the Lion in Zimbabwe.
Ok, doesn't it seem kind of moronic that these same people who are crying about the lion say they want the dentist dead as well?  A lion's worth more to these people than a human being.
A lion, which would gladly eat these lunatics for a snack in a heartbeat or less, except the liberal stink would probably protect these loonies.
From Time: The landlocked, southern African nation is one of the hardest-hit places on the continent when it comes to the killing of big game, both legal and illegal. It is a country where, Slate reports, “hunters exported 49 lion trophies in 2013 alone” and where, since Cecil’s death “it’s likely that at least a dozen other lions have been shot by trophy hunters.”A 2013 study in the journal Public Library of Science estimates that 96 lions were hunted per year between 1996 and 2006 in the country and 43 per year more recently. Lion trophy hunts were banned there in 2005 but allowed again after 2008.
Also, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service are going to investigate this issue?
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has no jurisdiction over there in Africa and so, other than it being a waste of time and money, it is also grandstanding.
I am not a hunter- I don't like hunting and I am a terrible shot, so, unless I am shooting at the Empire State Building or bigger, I would probably miss.  Stevie Wonder blindfolded is a better shot than me.
I am about the only person in the world who will catch a fly and maybe even let it go back outside because I don't like killing things.
Having said that, nothing the dentist did was illegal or immoral.  What he did was legal or at least he thought it was legal.  maybe the locals broke the law, and even though the dentist is ultimately responsible to make sure laws were not broken, I am also sure he did not go up to the locals and say, "Lets go get Cecil".
So, a bunch of liberals have been bent all out of shape because a lion had a name, and the same lion which would eat them if not for their moronic stank.
And look at the bright side: By killing Cecil or other lions, look at all the wildlife that is being saved- deer, rabbits, oxen, people etc...  You think lions just eat wild berries and sing Kumbaya at the local campfire?  Whose looking out for those animals?  Not these animal rights idiots.

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