Friday, July 24, 2015

Thank You Scott Walker

Take on government unions and you are dangerous????
From the Washington Post: “First off,” Scott Walker proclaimed, “we took on the unions, and we won. We won!”
Taking on the unions is usually first off for Walker, the Wisconsin governor and Republican presidential candidate. It is the very rationale for his candidacy. And on Thursday, he took a detour from the campaign trail to appear here before the annual meeting of the conservative American Legislative Exchange Council, a group of state legislators dedicated in large part to defeating unions....
This is the essence of Walker’s appeal — and why he is so dangerous. He is not as outrageous as Donald Trump and Sen.­­ Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), but his technique of scapegoating unions for the nation’s ills is no less demagogic. Sixty-five years ago, another man from Wisconsin made himself a national reputation by frightening the country about the menace of communists, though the actual danger they represented was negligible. Scott Walker is not Joe McCarthy, but his technique is similar: He suggests that the nation’s ills can be cured by fighting labor unions (foremost among the “big government special interests” hurting the United States), even though unions represent just 11 percent of the U.S. workforce and have been at a low ebb.
First, if you piss off a guy with a girl's name, you are not doing too badly.
And yes, government unions have done much damage to the country, on the Federal, State and local levels and Walker dealt with it.
And it made things better.
Before, the unions dictated how the workers would work, now the supervisors do.
And the unions are just not that popular in the government sector, as the unions have lost a significant number of government workers.  Is the union angry?  Of course because the union leaders are not getting all the mandatory dues that they got before Act 10 and now these union thug leaders are no longer living high on the hog or union worker.  Their lavish lifestyles are being diminished in Wisconsin and that is a good thing.
So, thank you Scott Walker.  Thank you for taking on government unions and winning.

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