Wednesday, July 1, 2015

England Loses Women's World Cup Semi By....

Agony of defeat
Having a player, Laura Bassett score in her own goal at the 92 minute mark, out of 93 minutes.
From the Daily Telegraph:  GOAL! England 1-2 Japan (Bassett o.g. 90 min +3) That is an absolute disaster. Japan stream forward with the last meaningful attack of normal time and, in an effort to cut out a cross from the left, Laura Bassett diverts it onto the bar, down and just over the line. Steph Houghton bravely steps in to clear, but the referee is already blowing for a goal.
Full time
That is crushing. Jonathan Pearce is aghast, Bassett is understandably inconsolable, and the BBC studio is crestfallen.
The BBC wrap things up with the mandatory sad, piano-led England World Cup exit montage.
You really have to feel for Laura Bassett, as she has let down the entire nation of England and this will go down as one of the worst sports blunders in the history of sport, just not soccer.  Honestly, I cannot think of another blunder as bad as this one with so much riding on the outcome of the game- the loser goes home.
So, Sunday will be the final of the women's World Cup- U.S. vs Japan.

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